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Find relevant products

A directory service provider needs an easier way for the consumer to find relevant products and services from the online directory. Connexor content analysis identifies products and services in the advertisements and helps the user find the relevant providers more completely and with less effort.

Enhance your search

A service provider invests in an extensive search platform to run a new service, to find out that the search results fall short of vendor promises. By replacing the text analysis component with Connexor component, the search experience meets expectations and the new service starts paying off.

Keep track of business fortunes

The hiring and firing of managers and specialists is an interesting indicator of the changing fortunes in a company. Connexor provides the investor with information about persons mentioned in business news, their titles, and their relationship to a company.

Find out who is worth investing in

You are considering investing money in certain companies and you want to find out the good news and the bad news about them. Connexor provides you with a list of what is said about each company in the business news, with each comment evaluated as either positive or negative.

Customer satisfaction

The easiest way to tell whether your customers are satisfied or not is to ask them. Then you only have to know what to do with the answers. We know how to help you. Find the most interesting reports A civil servant should read thousands of reports, and either file them or write a summary of the crucial or urgent matters. Instead of his having to browse through all the reports, Connexor provides him with a short summary of every report. At a glance he is able to tell which reports he should read through and react to, and which ones can be filed or postponed for later observation.

Give naturalness to artificial speech

The manufacturer does not want the speech of the audible mailbox to sound monotonous and mechanic. When Connexor gives structure to the flow of speech of the mailbox, it sounds more natural and it is easier to understand.

Find new things with old terminology

Two companies of neighbouring fields of commerce merge. They agree on using common terminology instead of the old overlapping and intersecting terms. Search with the standardized terms in the old documents is made possible by Connexor.

Find meaning of word

A real-time electronic dictionary suggests only the contextually relevant translations of a word. In this application it is important to know the difference between the word 'change' as in "They change everything" and the word 'change' as in "It was a big change". Connexor makes this possible by marking the difference.

Keep up with your rivals

The CIO of a big company receives long reports of their line of business every two days to keep up with the rivals. Since she does not have time to read all the articles, Connexor provides summaries focusing on the companies of interest.

Save money and effort in translation

An international manufacturer of elevators produces thousands of technical manuals every year. The language of the manuals has to be very simple and unambiguous for the translations to several language to succeed. The company saves millions by using the Connexor writing aid to produce clear and simple English.