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An Approach to Implementing an Intelligent Web Search

TitleAn Approach to Implementing an Intelligent Web Search
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsKlyuev, V
Conference NameJapan-China Joint Workshop on Frontier of Computer Science and Technology
PublisherIEEE Computer Society
ISBN Number978-0-7695-3540-1

The retrieval efficiency of the presently used search tools cannot be significantly improved: A "bag of words" interpretation causes loosing semantics of texts. The functional approach to present English texts in the memory of computers makes it possible to keep semantic relations between words. These relations can be taken into account when indexing documents and when performing searching. Utilizing this approach, it is possible to use a natural language to express user queries. In many cases, this way is more usual for users to describe their information needs compared to the keyword style. The factoid question answering task is one of the possible its applications. Key components of the prototype of a system utilizing this approach are discussed.