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Language Technology and Resource Development in East Africa

TitleLanguage Technology and Resource Development in East Africa
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsHurskainen, A
Conference NameLREC 2006 Satellite Workshop, W03 Networking the development of language resources for African languages
Conference LocationParis, France

The paper discusses the status of language technology (LT) in Eastern Africa. The resource development, including human resources, various kinds of language materials, such as text corpora, manuscripts, dictionaries, thesauri and grammars are discussed and evaluated. Also language manipulation tools already available and those under construction are described. Discussion is carried out on the need and problems of standardization. Also localization programs, such as Kilinux for adapting OpenOffice to Swahili, and the translation of MS Office 2003 and Windows XP to Swahili, are introduced. The shortage of high quality open source platforms as well as the need of African governments to support the development of such platforms are also discussed.