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Memory-Based Learning of Word Translation

TitleMemory-Based Learning of Word Translation
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsHolmqvist M
EditorNivre J, Kaalep H-J, Muischnek K, Koit M
Conference Name16th Nordic Conference of Computational Linguistics Nodalida
PublisherUniversity of Tartu
Conference LocationTartu, Estonia
ISBN Number978-9985-4-0513-0
Keywordsmachine translation

A basic task in machine translation is to choose the right translation for source words with several possible translations in the target language. In this paper we treat word translation as a word sense disambiguation problem and train memory-based classifiers on words with alternative translations. The training data was automatically labeled with the corresponding translations by word-aligning a parallel corpus. Results show that many words were translated with accuracy above the baseline.