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Building on Syntactic Annotation: Labelling Subordinate Clauses

TitleBuilding on Syntactic Annotation: Labelling Subordinate Clauses
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsSantini, M
Conference NameWorkshop on Exploring Syntactically Annotated Corpora
PublisherBirmingham University
Conference LocationBirmingham, England, UK

In this paper, we explore the possibility of labelling semantic/adverbial clauses (i.e. temporal clauses, purpose clauses, concession clauses, etc.), complement/nominal clauses (i.e. ing-clauses, that-clauses, etc.), and complex noun phrases (NPs) using syntactic patterns built on the syntactic annotation returned by a parser.
We suggest that the use of syntactic patterns can represent a useful alternative among other methods for syntax extraction proposed so far. The approach presented here is parser-dependent, but it can be easily adapted to any parser output, for any language. The methodology is simple and it is based on the use of regular expressions. This approach brings about a number of advantages (the use of grammars as a corpus of annotated examples; partial or total disambiguation of ambiguous subordinators; information about the position of the subclause relative to the main clause; labelling of unusual constructions; labelling of several subordinate clauses in the same sentence) which encourage further investigations.