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Connexor Technologies for helping text creation

Proof-reading tools

Mastering the art of writing is not always that easy. Problems may arise e.g. when one is learning to write, especially in foreign language or when the text is intended to follow a specific style, e.g. as described in some technical documentation guidelines. Connexor's technologies help to spot the flaws in the text and offer correct alternatives regardless of whether it is an error in spelling or the grammar, or a stylistical problem. The Connexor technology detects e.g. following types of errors:
  • Spelling mistakes
  • Missing articles before noun phrases
  • Congruence errors, eg. mismatches in plural and singular inflection of verbs and nouns
  • Double negation
  • Stylistic errors like using 'ain't' or 'buddy' when the writing style is supposed to be formal.

Automatic metadata generation

It may be tedious to add metadata and keywords for each new document. Connexor's metadata discovery and automatic summarization technologies complete these tasks efficiently and fast.