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Information Processing

TitleInformation Processing
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsDi Sciullo, AM
Conference NameICDL2010

The main point of this paper is that knowledge-rich information processing systems will enhance
the performance of information processing, including the processing of information in the area of
Digital Libraries. The term "Digital Libraries" covers the creation and distribution of all types of
information over networks. People still create information that has to be organized, stored, and
distributed, and they still need to find and use information that others have created. DL are a
means of easily and rapidly accessing books, archives and images of various types. They are now
widely recognized by commercial interests and public bodies alike. While the advantages of DL
are well known, the extraction of information to fill the data bases from documents,
as well as the extraction of information within DL, are still a subject of research and
development. While advances have been made in these areas, there are many aspects of
information processing that need improvement.