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Connexor Technology

Connexor provides technologies for the following tasks:

Search technologies

Connexor tools improve search results on many levels by recognizing detailed features in the input text.

Fact finding

Extract information from a document collection.

Metadata discovery

Discover keywords and other metadata in the document content.

Name recognition

Find names in the text.

Sentiment detection

Sentiment detection finds out whether there is a positive or negative opinion about an entity mentioned in the text.

Language identification

Language identification enables to automatically choose the right processing methods for each language.

Improving search results

Improve the accuracy of your search.

Document processing

Connexor technology enables the user to find the essentials of the data with the minimum effort.

Automatic summarization

Connexor technologies enable automatic summary generation from text documents to save time and money.


Classification tools help to sort out named entities and documents based on categories and ontologies.

Document structure recognition

Structure recognition tools detect the crucial parts of the document for further processing.

Text creation aid

Check the spelling, grammar, style and structure of your writing.

Simplified English

Make the original language easier to translate into other languages and make the content more understandable for the reader.

Text cleansing

Smart text is stylistically right and correctly formulated. Connexor helps you to create good documents with easy-to-use tools.

OCR error correction

Fix mistakes made by optical character recognition.

Speech-to-text error correction

Fix mistakes made by speech-to-text software.

Text variant unification

Verify the spelling of the words.

Language technologies

The basic language analysis technologies are applied to most Connexor natural language processing (NLP) software.

Language analysis

Language analysis forms the basis for the other Connexor technologies. Connexor technologies currently process texts in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish. Please contact us for further information on support for additional languages.

Machine translation

Connexor technologies are applied to machine translation purposes for source language parsing and sensible sentence generation in target language.


Connexor language analysis methods provide advanced linguistic features thus improving text-to-speech quality.

Machinese platform

Machinese is a suite of well-supported software components and practical solutions to normalize, categorize and extract concepts, names, facts and other text analytics from documents written for diverse audiences in many languages. Machinese products are designed to serve both volume- and knowledge-intensive applications.    Read more »