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Defence and security

Find opinions in blogs

The media is interested in knowing the public opinion about the candidates aspiring to a political party's leadership. Connexor helps to discover how the different candidates feature in blogs and other informal discussion in the internet.

Detect fraud


Select only relevant news

A news service provider needs to collect and aggregate news from many online sources for real-time presentation on a single news portal. With its content analysis software, Connexor helps the service provider to remove duplicate news and select the important news for the portal, in real time.

Sort your newsfeed

An international newspaper receives uncategorized incessant newsfeed. Connexor sorts the news reports by theme and the reports are then redirected to the appropriate sections of the newspaper.

Keep up with the daily papers


Find relevant products

A directory service provider needs an easier way for the consumer to find relevant products and services from the online directory. Connexor content analysis identifies products and services in the advertisements and helps the user find the relevant providers more completely and with less effort.

Enhance your search

Life Sciences

Receive early warning

A new medicine fails in the final tests, even though the protein interaction causing the side effects was already reported in literature. Information about protein interactions relevant for pharmaceutical research is slow to collect manually from the vast amount of medical information available. Connexor finds the protein interactions for you, and you receive an early warning, when the information is already available.

Get your old data back in use