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Getting Started with Connexor Web Services


Connexor offers its solutions and technologies like the natural language tagger as a web service.

The API is fairly simple to use; it exposes only a few basic calls.

Connexor Web Services are accessed by a RESTful interface. You can use your own tools for sending API calls, but we provide some libraries or scripts to access the API using different languages.

What Can Connexor Web Services Do?

Connexor Web Services analyse texts and provide different kinds of information, for example:
  • Lemmas of words (useful for matching also inflected words)
  • Part of Speech of words
  • Names found in the text
Read more about what is a natural language tagger.


Easy Step by Step Instructions

To summarize the above, you can get started in testing the service quickly by taking the following simple steps:

  1. Get your free authentication key.
  2. Take a look at the API documentation and if you are in hurry just grab the client examples.
  3. Start using the service

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