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Dependency-Based Semantic Interpretation for Answer Extraction

TitleDependency-Based Semantic Interpretation for Answer Extraction
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsMoll√° D, Hutchinson B
Conference Name2002 Australasian NLP Workshop

This paper focuses on the use of two algorithms for the integration of two broad-coverage dependency-based parsing systems into ExtrAns, an answer extraction system that operates over Unix manual pages. In the process, ExtrAns uses a semantic interpreter that converts the output of the parser into flat logical forms. The semantic interpreter for the first parsing system, Link Grammar, uses a topdown algorithm, whereas the semantic interpreter for the second parsing system, Conexor FDG, uses a bottom-up algorithm. After showing the differences between the structures returned by both parsing systems, the paper compares the algorithms for semantic interpretation and comments on their adequacy for the production of flat logical forms.