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AthosMail: a Multilingual Adaptive Spoken Dialogue System for the E-mail Domain

TitleAthosMail: a Multilingual Adaptive Spoken Dialogue System for the E-mail Domain
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsTurunen M, Salonen E-P, Hartikainen M, Hakulinen J, Black W, Ramsay A, Funk A, Conroy A, Thompson P, Stairmand M, Jokinen K, Rissanen J, Kanto K, Kerminen A, Gambäck B, Sahlgren M, Olsson F, Cheadle M, Hansen P, Nylander S
Conference NameCOLING 2004 Satellite Workshop: Robust and Adaptive Information Processing for Mobile Speech Interfaces
Conference LocationGeneva, Switzerland

AthosMail is a multilingual spoken dialogue system for e-mail message reading on a mobile phone. The key features of the application are adaptivity and the integration of different approaches to spoken interaction. The application has a flexible system structure supporting multiple components for both different and the same purposes. The AthosMail system includes components for input interpretation, dialogue management, output generation, user modelling, and text processing. Suitable components are selected dynamically to make the interaction adaptive, and various adaptive techniques have been experimented with. For example, the system’s responses are tailored according to the user’s actions so as to adapt to the observed skill levels of the user. The paper presents the overall AthosMail functionality and the main components of the system.