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Multi-Session Group Scenarios for Speech Interface Design

TitleMulti-Session Group Scenarios for Speech Interface Design
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsKanto, K, Cheadle, M, Keränen, H, Gambäck, B, Jokinen, K, Hansen, P, Rissanen, J
Conference NameHuman-Computer Interaction: Theory and Practice (Part II)

When developing adaptive speech-based multilingual interaction systems, we need representative data on the user's behaviour. In this paper we focus on a data collection method pertaining to adaptation in the user's interaction with the system. We describe a multi-session group scenario for Wizard of Oz studies with two novel features: firstly, instead of doing solo sessions with a static mailbox, our test users communicated with each other in a group of six, and secondly, the communication took place over several sessions in a period of five to eight days. The paper discusses our data collection studies using the method, concentrating on the usefulness of the method in terms of naturalness of the interaction and long-term developments.