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Emerging System for Affectively Charged Interpersonal Communication

TitleEmerging System for Affectively Charged Interpersonal Communication
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsNeviarouskaya A, Tsetserukou D, Prendinger H, Kawakami N, Tachi S, Ishizuka M

The paper focuses on a novel system iFeel_IM! that integrates 3D virtual world Second Life, intelligent component for automatic emotion recognition from text messages, and innovative affective haptic interfaces providing additional nonverbal communication channels through simulation of emotional feedback and social touch (physical co-presence). The motivation behind our work is to enrich social interaction and emotional involvement of online interpersonal communication. iFeel_IM! users can not only exchange messages but also emotionally and physically feel the presence of the communication partner (e.g., family member, friend, or beloved person).