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Data analysis of conceptual similarities of Finnish verbs

TitleData analysis of conceptual similarities of Finnish verbs
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsLagus K, Airola A, Creutz M
Conference NameCogSci 2002
Conference LocationFairfax, Virginia

The study of the conceptual representations that underlie the use of language is a problem motivated from both a cognitive research p oint of view and that of construing language models for various language processing tasks. In this work, we organized 600 Finnish verbs using the SOM algorithm. Three experiments were conducted using dierent features to encode the verbs: morphosyntactic properties, individual nouns, and noun categories in the context of the verb. In general, the morphosyntactic properties seem to draw attention to semantic roles, whereas nouns as features seem to highlight clusters formed on grounds of topics in the text.