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SESHAT: Automatic Analysis of Written Texts

TitleSESHAT: Automatic Analysis of Written Texts
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsCaso H D, García J N
JournalInternational Journal of Developmental and Educational Psychology

This project focuses on developing a software application for automatic text analysis in order to generate comprehensive reports based on a prearranged set of well-defined rules. This application, called Seshat, analyzes texts taking care of information generation, productivity, coherence and structure. It is, therefore, a way to avoid manual analysis and provide teachers and psychologists
with a tool that will save time on text analysis and eliminate human error from the equation. On the other hand, this tool is also designed for creating instructional strategies and let professionals support their conclusions on previous reports pulled out from a 20.000 texts database that is continuously updating. During this study we received competitive funds from de MICINN project (EDU2010-19250, 2010-2013); besides from the competitive Project for Excellence Groups JCyL (GR-259; BOCyL 27 on April 2009, 2009-2011) and FEDER funds from de European Union. Both awarded to Principal Researcher (J. N. García).