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ScienQuest: a Treebank Exploitation Tool for non NLP-Specialists.

TitleScienQuest: a Treebank Exploitation Tool for non NLP-Specialists.
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsFalaise A, Kraif O, Tutin A, Rouquet D
Conference NameCOLING
Date Published12/2012
Conference LocationMumbai

The exploitation of syntactically analysed corpora (or treebanks) by non NLP-­specialist is not a trivial problem. If the NLP community wants to make publicly available corpora with complex annotations, it is imperative to develop simple interfaces capable of handling advanced queries. In this paper, we present query methods developed during the Scientext project and intended for the general public. Queries can be made using forms, lemmas, parts of speech, and syntactic relations within specific textual divisions, such as title, abstract, introduction, onclusion, etc. Three query modes are described: an assisted query mode in which the user selects the elements of the query, a semantic mode which includes local pre­established grammars using syntactic functions, and an advanced search mode where the user create custom grammars.