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Connexor Language Analysis Technologies

Various language analysis methods form the basis for the Connexor technology implementations. Connexor's language analysers can identify the following linguistic features:

Sentence and word boundaries

Often it is desirable to know where a sentence or a word begins and ends.


Finding which words in the text are derived from the same root. Example:
Text form Baseform
 men  man
 were  are
 jumping  jump
 higher  high

Lexical categories and parts-of-speech

Knowing which words are adjectives, nouns, verbs etc. can be useful, as often we are looking for just certain types of words.

Morphological information

Details on which inflection is used in each word.

Syntax information

Details on what roles each word has in a sentence and how words in a sentence are related to each other.

Semantic information

Details on semantics of words, eg. whether a word refers to a living being or not. This kind of information is helpful especially in machine translation.

Noun phrase detection

Details on which words form noun phrases, which are often the most interesting parts of text.

Name recognition

Details on which words are proper nouns. As providing more detailed information on text structure requires more processing power, Connexor analysers come in different varieties to fill different tasks' needs in speed vs. analysis detail ratio.