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Machinese Metadata

Connexor Machinese Metadata is a high-performance text analytics and metadata automation solution, which extracts information in ten different languages. By automatically classifying and discovering the hidden knowledge in large document collections, both government organizations and companies can significantly improve their productivity and information management processes.

  • Government users can automatically create key words for their documents for better usability, create effective summarizations from long documents and find entities such as persons, places and dates to identify the content and relevance of a certain document.
  • Defence and intelligence analysts can find the hidden story; trends, anomalies, entities and relations in text masses from difference sources in seconds, and transform it into easy-to-use and structured data ready for intelligence analysis.
  • Media analysis applications can automatically filter and categorize news feed contents to better and more quickly respond to their customers' information needs. Media intelligence agencies can automate their media monitoring processes to support and boost customer service.
  • Research centers can intelligently mine huge masses of data to find patterns and references in e.g. medical studies related to their research and findings. Connexor Machinese Metadata supports and can be integrated into software applications that process and manage text information, such as Document and Knowledge Management systems.