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Machinese Syntax

Machinese Syntax provides a full analysis of texts by showing how words and concepts relate to each other in sentences - still with very competitive speed and accuracy. Machinese Syntax helps analytic applications understand text beyond the level of words, phrases and entities: also their interrelations (such as events, actions, states and circumstances) that constitute the "story" of the text become visible in the meaning-oriented syntactic structure that Machinese Syntax assigns to texts.

Machinese Syntax produces functional dependencies representing relational information in sentences. The component discovers the functional relations between words in sentences. For instance, in the sentence "The press questioned the president at the meeting yesterday.", it would reveal that the press was the subject (agent) and the president the object of the questioning action. The Machinese Syntax analysis also provides circumstantial information about the action, for example the time and the place. Therefore the syntactic analyser is suitable for demanding applications in fields such as intelligence, trend analysis, summarisation and translation.