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Glossary beginning with D

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Data mining

Data mining is a process, which extracts new and interesting information from large sets of data. Data mining can be utilized for example in intelligence gathering, scientific research and various business related tasks. As often the data sources include texts, where one wants to find the information, Connexor technologies can help to discover the hidden information from the text masses.


Determing which one of the alternative choices of a meaning is the correct one for a word in the given context.

Document collection

A set of documents, often with a common theme or document type.

Document management

A process or system, which oversees handling of a (electronic) document collection. Subtasks in document management include indexing, document categorization, information retrieval and automatic metadata generation. For all these tasks, Connexor offers efficient solutions, which improve document management.


A document or collection of documents is any communicable material that is used to explain some attributes of an object, system or procedure.