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Glossary beginning with T

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A program, which tags information into text.

Text analysis

The process of analysing text and producing information about the text contents.

Text analytics

Text analytics refers to the process sequence of tagging/parsing unstructured digital documents, extraction of structured information from the parsed data, and entry of this structured information into a database for use in further analysis (e.g. advanced search, intelligence). Typical subtasks include coreference resolution and named entity recognition.

Text Mining

Text mining means extracting useful information from text. Text mining starts with structuring of the input text (tagging/parsing into structured form, entry into a database). This is followed by the process of deriving patterns relevant to the application within the structured data, and by interpretation of these patterns. Text mining often includes text categorization and clustering, entity extraction, sentiment analysis, summarization, and entity relation analysis.

Originally, the term Text Mining comes from combining the words "text" and "data mining". Thus, it was meant to be a buzzword, but failed.

Text to speech

Speech synthetization application, where written text is transformed into spoken language.


A process of something into smaller pieces and assigning them a meaning: e.g., splitting a sentence into word tokens.


Connexor's grammar and style checker for English language. The descriptions for found mistakes can be shown in five different languages.