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Glossary beginning with M

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Machine translation

Machine translation means making translations using a computer software. Connexor software can be used to analyse the translations' source language and generate the corresponding target language.

Machine-aided translation

A translation process is called machine-aided translation (or computer-assisted translation, computer-aided translation, or CAT) when a human translator translates texts using computer software designed to support and facilitate the translation process e.g. by suggesting solutions for common translation problems. Connexor technologies are applied in this kind of software.


Connexor Machinese is a software product family offering various text analysis tools.

Machinese Summarizer

Connexor Machinese Summarizer is a automatic summary generation software product.

Machinese Tokenizer

Connexor Machinese Tokenizer is a software product, which provides part-of-speech analysis without disambiguation between different senses of a word. Its advantage is that the analysis is very fast.


Metadata is data about data. If you do not know what this means, that is ok.

Instead, ask us how to produce information what your documents are about and how you can best use the information that you already have.